Cancun, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Escorted Scuba Diving Holiday,  Dos Playas Hotel, Cancun

2nd to the 11th April 2013, 9 nights 1195 plus diving

Situated in the Caribean Sea, Cancun is located on the Great Mesoamerican Reef (the Gran Arrecife Maya). This is the largest reef in the Western Hemisphere and the second largest coral reef in the world. The Great Mesoamerican Reef stretches from Punta Nizuc, at the tip of the Cancun Hotel Zone, all the way to the Bay Islands in Honduras, an amazing 450 miles of coral reef.

Cancun's coastline is home to nearly 100 coral species, 350 molluscs, 164 species of reef dwelling fish, hawksbill sea turtles, crocodiles, lemon sharks and manatees. 

Cozumel was a sleepy little fishing community until 1961, when a Frenchman by
the name of Jacques Cousteau declared it to be one of the  most beautiful scuba diving areas of the world. Since that time the area has become an underwater  marine park to protect the delicate balance of it's dazzling coral reefs & abundant variety of tropical fish, due to the clarity of the water. and you do not have to be a diver to enjoy it. Simply put on a mask & snorkel and  jump in & you will feel like you have been dropped into a tropical fish tank.

Inland along the Cancun,Tulum corridor you will find many caverns and cenotes, also known as sink holes these underground rivers honycombe the porous limestone of the Yucatan which provide some of the most beautiful  "cenote" diving in the world.  Many of these caves are very highly  decorated and are like floating through the finest dry cave you have ever seen, simply filled with water that is as clear as air. Because they are supported and protected by their water filled enviornment, they are pristine and each has its own particular marine life, unique to a waterfilled cave environment, whilst diving in the Cenote, you stay within sight of natural light.

The Dos Playas hotel is located on the beach in the famous hotel zone of Cancun, the Hotel is ideal to take advantage of all the activities that Cancun has to offer including restaurants, discos and clubs. The hotel is part of the prestigious hotel chain Celuisma, which owns other hotels in the hotel zone of Cancun, allowing you to enjoy the beaches and pools of these hotels at no extra cost. The all inclusive package allows us to enjoy the famous Mexican hospitality of the hotel.

The Dos Playas Hotel, Cancun, Price includes 9 nights All Inclusive accommodation, 20kg luggage allowance plus 5Kg for certified divers, transfers to and from the hotel, Inflight meals and late checkout room, Single supplement is 185, no single supplement if willing to share.

Diving package: 3 days diving, Includes 2 dives Cancun, 2 dives Cozumel 2 dives Cenotes, 199, (more dives can be booked in resort, so you can decide which areas to dive again, the cenotes, Cancun or cozumel :-)  Full equipment hire if necessary is 125.

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